You’re Married – Now What Do You Do?

So you’ve gotten married; congratulations! Now what do you do? If you’ve never been married before, you may be unsure of what steps to take next. There’s much to get done after you’ve said “I do.” Here’s a list to help you get started:

You're Married - Now What Do You Do?

1.Change Your Name

While you can change your name whenever you like after you’ve been married, you really should get it done within 90 days of tying the knot. You can find forms for your driver’s license at You’ll need to print out the forms, fill them out and head down to the bureau with your marriage license. Go to the Social Security office and apply for a new card. Contact your credit card companies by phone, and make sure to change the name on your passport if you have one.

I need a social security card to update my drivers licence

2.Update Your W2s

Once you’ve gotten married, talk to your employer about updating your W2. You’ll want to make sure your name is changed, but you may also want to change your exemption. If you aren’t sure how changes will affect the both of you, speak with your tax preparer or an accountant.

3.Change Your Address

Pile o' mail

If one or both of you have moved into a new home, send your new address to those that matter. You’ll want to give your new address to employers, your school, credit card companies, friends and family. Don’t forget to change your address on any existing bank accounts and loans. Think of all of the mail you get when you find you can’t remember who to contact. Any company that sends you important mail should be contacted with a change of address form. Make sure that you go to the post office and fill out a change of address form as well.

4.Talk About Money

Bank of America building

You should have had the “money talk” before you got hitched but, if you didn’t, now is the time. Will you have a joint checking account? Will you maintain separate accounts and keep a combined savings account? No matter what you decide to do, decide it now. Determine who will be in charge of paying the bills, who will be responsible for keeping the budget, and how you will spend extra money. Having the talk and making decisions will prevent money issues from rearing their ugly heads later.


If you are both employed, you may want to combine health insurances if it will save you money. Speak with your employers about adding your spouse to your coverage and figure out which policy will be the better deal. While you’re at it, start looking at taking out life insurance. You can find the information you need by using Kanetix comparison service. If you already have life insurance policies, be sure to name your spouse as a beneficiary. Don’t forget to contact your auto insurance carrier.

6.Thank You Cards


It’s still proper etiquette, believe it or not, to send thank you cards after your big day. Send a thank you card to friends and family, even if they didn’t get you a gift. A simple acknowledgement of their attendance is enough. Your notes don’t have to be lengthy, but you should use Canon ink to print a personal message for each person on your list. If you have the time, thank each person for their specific gift and tell them how it will be used in your married life.

7.Organize Your Photos

If you don’t organize your photos now, you’ll be doing it in 20 years, if you do it at all. Sit down with your photos and make your photo album, whether it’s in print or digital. Organize the photos that you want to keep, pitch the ones that you can’t stand, and frame your favorite for your wall. Make a copy of your favorites for your parents. Your wedding book is something that you’ll be looking at for the rest of your life; take the time to organize it to your liking.

The weeks after your wedding day are busy ones by the time you start everything that needs to be done. Follow this list as a way to help you get organized and start your married life off on the right foot. All of these things need to be done and the quicker you get to them, the sooner you can relax.

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